Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Movies: Fantastic Again?

According to IESB 20th Century Fox is looking to reboot the "Fantastic Four" franchise. They plan to tone down the campiness and turn the production more towards an "Iron Man" like tone. The reboot would mean a totally different team. So, that mean Alba is out,Gruffold is out and Tim Story is out. However, Chiklis and Evans being out is not the best news. Evans as the Human Torch was the saving grace of both mediocre films.

I'm glad they are deciding on a new direction I just can;t put much faith in Tom Rothman's capabilities of letting a good hero movie happen.

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Ceritfied Angst! (Formally Angst-Tastic) said...

this could be good news. i don't no. I like the old one sort of. I'm kinda tired of this reboot trend. Unless Marvel is rebooting it then i think they should forget it.

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