Monday, April 27, 2009

The Fanboy Remix Podcast Episode 1.9 "The Soloist"

Bobby and Brian are back for the ninth episode of The Fanboy Remix Podcast in which they debate how much feces Crank: High Voltage is worth, decide if The Soloist makes sweet music and discover that 2001: A Space Odyssey is a great substitute for mind altering drugs.

FBR Episode 1.9 "The Soloist"
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1 comment:

culturedog said...

Loved the 2001 throwdown, fellas!

Of course after watching the film Friday I remembered that about 9 years ago I had come to the conclusion that seeing the film with a group of people is almost detrimental to one's enjoyment of it, so inviting the dudes over for brews and 2001 wasn't my smartest move.

I should have locked Brian in his own hyper-watch cube and let him experience it without our distracting MST3K running commentary. Or we should have just watched Big Trouble In Little China instead.

But I regret nothing - I had a blast. And I also agree that Point Break is the shit - love that movie in spite of the retarded dialogue and Keanu's plank-like expressions.

Now excuse me while I evolve into a giant floating space baby...

P.S. Star Trek V sucks!