Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Fanboy Remix Podcast DVD Giveaway!

We here at Fanboy Remix have been mulling over some ideas to better serve our listenership and have come up with contest that will allow us to give away a DVD a month to a lucky listener.

We are going to hold a trivia contest every week. From all the right answers that come in we will randomly choose a winner. And that winner will automatically be entered into the end of month drawing for the DVD. At the end of the four weeks we will choose one from that pool and that person will be able to choose any of the movies in our marathon. So, for this first contest you can have a copy of Solaris, Alien 3, Dune, 2001 A Space Odyssey or Dark Star.

However, There are a few stipulations. In order to qualify you must send an email to fanboyremix@gmail.com with the answer to the question, our star ratings for the previous week's movie and your top five movies on the topic we are discussing that week. In other word's participation is rewarded!

The contest shall commence this week with our show on State of Play.

Good luck and happy hunting,

Your Hosts,

Bobby and Brian

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