Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Television: 'Angel' Actor Andy Hallett Dies of Heart Failure

This news comes a little late from us, but being there are a few Whedonverse fans here, I felt it important to share anyway.

Sadly, actor Andy Hallett, who played the vivacious and wise Lorne on Angel, passed away Sunday, March 29th. Hallett was suffering from heart disease for 5 years and he finally lost the battle. He was only 33 years old. Many fans were unaware he was even ill (like myself) and this has come as a great shock to the community of Whedonverse fans.

I think a fitting way to commemorate such a talented actor and singer alike, is to watch a few Lorne-centric episodes like The House Always Wins, Life of the Party, or the Pylea arc.

That and maybe have a seabreeze.

Goodbye, Andy. Hope your singing your heart out up there.

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