Monday, April 20, 2009

The Fanboy Remix Podcast Episode 1.8 "State of Play"

In our giggle filled ninth episode Bobby and Brian kick off a DVD giveaway with the help of a few old friends. Together they report on "State of Play," banish "Dune" to the phantom zone and help Bobby confront the truth about his feelings towards Zac Efron.

FBR Episode 1.8 "State of Play"

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1 comment:

culturedog said...

These damned podcasts are way too short - can you make 'em longer somehow? :-p

Brian, I can't believe you allowed Dune to be your first David Lynch film! That's just bass-ackwards!

Anyhow, when I saw Dune in the theaters back in 84, the ushers were actually handing out double-sided, full page glossaries to help explain the movie! Never a good sign...

Y'all should come over to my pad to watch 2001 on Blu-ray on the big wall.