Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Movies: Warner Bros. on "Suicide" mission.

Warner Brothers has tapped Sherlock Holmes producer Dan Lin to produce a feature adaptation of the DC Comics property "Suicide Squad." The Suicide Squad is a group of super villains that the government hires to execute a mission that is too dangerous for superheros. "It" screenwriter Justin Marks (Street Fighter) will write the script.

DC villains aren't very well known to the main stream outside the Batman rogue's gallery and Lex Luthor so there is a chance for a freedom in this property that is not given to most franchises. However, with DC unable to launch anything in the movie department outside of Batman I don't know how much hope I hold out for this film.

I think the success of "Watchmen" will dictate Warners and DC's direction a great deal. "Suicide Squad" is inherently dark and that's the way the studio wants to go with their pictures. I'd rather them dig for properties like this than make Superman some sort of dark, brooding and disturbed hero.

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